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 "Blackfriars is a repertoire orchestra". By that we mean that we do not rehearse for concerts, but instead every week we play something completely different. For example we may play an overture, a symphony and a few shorter pieces (great for sight reading practise). The music is usually selected by one of our several conductors, though we are happy for members to suggest pieces to play.

The orchestra owns a vast library of orchestral scores, which we keep in London for our exclusive use.

We meet every Tuesday night at 7pm in Blackfriars - near to Southwark tube (Jubilee) and Blackfriars (Circle and District).

We are definitely a friendly group and have members of all ages. Our aim is simply to enjoy playing music. After the rehearsal, quite a few of us will always visit the excellent local pub for some drinks.

Our members come from all over London and the South East. Through them we have ties with many other orchestras with the same ideals. We have been making music since the 1940s.

(Although Blackfriars is a repertoire orchestra, we do occasionally give concerts to raise funds for charities)



Enquiries from new members are always very welcome (there are no auditions), but we should mention that flutes and clarinets are oversubscribed at the moment.

There are no joining fees or annual contributions. All we ask is that you put £3 in the tin whenever you come to help with the costs of the hall.

If you enjoy playing an instrument, good music and getting to know some new people, then why not get in touch (see the Contact page).


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